Rma Plastik Started Serial Production Of Water Tanks With Highest Capacity Blow Molding Machine In Turkey

RMA Plastik, one of the three biggest rotomolding companies in Turkey based on turnover rate, has invested in highest capacity blow molding machine in Turkey. Accordingly, RMA Plastik has started to produce double layer water tank up to 2000 liters. Thanks to blow molding technology, RMA Plastik has started to mass produce water tanks and consequently increased its production capacity, reduced its costs and offers more competitive priced water tanks with fast delivery terms.

Establishing distributorships in Eastern Europe and Middle East

In line with new sales strategies, Rma Plastik aims to increase its local and international market share by establishing agencies. Bekir Avunduk, the general manager of RMA Plastik has stated that “we aim to increase sales 30 % in 2017 by establishing 30 agencies and our new export department is granting agencies in Middle East and Eastern Europe.  In line with our above mentioned targets, we have strengthened our sales team. We aim to reach 10 mobile sales team as of the second half of 2017. We aim to increase our export to 20 % from 10 %.”

Custom molding for our European and Turkish customers

Avunduk stated “We design and produce new products in line with customers’ demands and requests thanks to our young and dynamic design team, and fully equipped mold atelier”. Some of the products designed are; motorcycle tail box, different type and size of diesel and fuel tanks, bistro tables, play ground figures, advertisement panels, treatment pools, planters, custom measured tanks and pools.

RMA Plastik is established in Mersin as one of the first rotational moulding company  in Turkey. In 2012, RMA Plastik has established its second production facility in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul in order to increase its production capacity and to quickly respond needs and demands of its customs. Established on 19.000 m2 area, the total production capacity of RMA Plastik is 7000 tonnes annually. In 2017, Rma Plastik aims to increase its production capacity.

Rma Plastik produces different shape, color and size products ranging from 10 liter to 42000 liters, produced with roto-molding technology for more than 15 years. It provides turnkey solutions. RMA Plastik builds metal construction parts for its products in line with its customs’ desires and provides turnkey solutions.

Some of our products are water and acid tanks, food (olive oil, fruit juice, vinegar, milk, pickles etc) storage and carriage containers, salt tanks, agricultural spraying tanks, septic tanks, latex glue tanks, truck fenders, pallets, trash cans, recycle bins, tanks with mixer, traffic sign and water fill barriers, sumps for gas stations, fuel-oil storage tanks, calf shelters, IBC tanks, floaters, playgrounds, acid pools, glucose and fructose tanks, textile carts, material handling carts, rope dyeing buckets, cops buckets, isolated tanks, bunkers,  boats and canoes, led planters, decorative Street furnitures..